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Order Custom Lighters with Your Logo

Lighters are products that everyone has a use for, and they are particularly useful if you operate in the cannabis industry. Whether you own a smoke shop or you are involved in the industry in another capacity, our extensive selection of custom weed lighters will be ideal for all your promotional activities.

Customized Lighters for All

Small, light, and affordable, a custom lighter is the perfect item to give away as a freebie. You know your customers are going to get plenty of use out of them, but at the same time you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a large order.
You could take a box of custom lighters to your next trade show or marketing event, or keep a box handy in your store to hand out to your customers when they make a purchase. Each marijuana weed lighter is small and slim enough to be carried easily, and you also know that you will spread your brand’s message because people will be using them all over the place.
Or give away a Zippo lighter as a prize or as a special gift for your clients to really make an impression. However you use a custom weed lighters, these are a fantastic option for boosting your brand image on a budget.

Promotional Lighters in Every Shape and Size

We can offer you simple plastic lighters, transparent lighters, electronic lighters, Zippo lighters, bottle-opener lighters, windproof lighters, and more. We’ve got the lot!
We provide you with a huge range of lighters made from plastic and metal, and in a wide selection of colors that are designed to get noticed.
Customize each one with your logo, which will be clearly visible on the side of each personalized custom lighter, so it won’t be hidden away like it is on some promotional products. It will also be used out and about rather than just at home, helping to increase your brand’s visibility.

Order Your Customized Cannabis Lighters Today

Don’t hang around! Order your printed lighters today! Just choose your product, send along your artwork, and we’ll get your promotional lighters back to you shortly. We look forward to helping you spread your brand message further.