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Customized Water Bottles with Your Logo or Brand Message

For business promotion and marketing, the personalized water bottle is difficult to beat.
Promotional drink bottles like ours are ideal for almost any situation. In the office and at the gym, on the bike path or hiking trail, water bottles are a constant companion of people on the move. Added to this is the fact that the water bottle helps reduce plastic waste and confers a sense of environmental responsibility onto the user. This association with health, outdoor activity and environmental consideration makes water bottles the ideal promotional tool for any business that cares about its reputation.  

The Benefits of Custom Water Bottles

Not only do our water bottles attract the attention of a large swathe of the population, but they also guarantee your logo has a captured audience. The nature of the water bottle - that it carries liquids - means your logo will be in close proximity to someone every time a drink is taken. Whenever the water bottle is drunk from, washed, refilled or passed along, your business or logo receives direct and valuable exposure.
The high-quality water bottle from Rush Cannabis Swag delivers a cost-effective option for cannabis businesses, smoke shops and distributors. Our water bottles arrive in several different vibrant colors and a variety of size options, from 12 to 28oz.

Why Choose Our Promotional Bottles?

A Rush Cannabis Swag water bottle can be chosen from a variety of design types for the perfect occasion. We stock printed bike bottles for use by cyclists, fitness bottles for gym goers, aluminum bottles for the outdoor types and collapsible imprint water bottles for the ultimate on-the-move functionality. All of our promotional marijuana drink bottles are fully customizable with printed logo and brand designs on each.
Our materials are chosen for their sturdy yet lightweight natures, as we include BPA free plastics so that the health of your customers is always considered.
There is no better place to pick up a personalized bottle with your logo than Rush Cannabis Swag. Our printing services guarantees a best-in-class printing that will make your cannabis brand or business easily seen wherever your bottles go. 
Order our top-quality promotional water bottles to boost your business today.