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Custom Printed Umbrellas with Your Brand

Big, bold and brilliant as a way to get your brand seen, promotional customized umbrellas from Rush Cannabis Swag do the job.
Custom umbrellas with cannabis leaf prints are a great way to promote your cannabis business or smoke shop. When open, umbrellas offer a display that draws the eye of every person in the vicinity. The umbrella’s outside material acts like a blank slate upon which Rush Cannabis Swag will inscribe your marijuana business’s logo or brand message.

Why Personalized Umbrella is a Great Promo Product? 

Umbrellas are a constant feature of outdoor life. For most of the year, umbrellas are taken wherever and whenever a person leaves their home. Whether on the way to work, during a round of golf, or on a simple walk in the park, an umbrella is necessary to protect from rain. But umbrellas are not only for rain; they’re also the ideal tool for offering shade in the sun. On the beach, on a walk around town in the summer or on the patio, umbrellas are useful in every - and any - situation!
So why not make use of this perfect advertising opportunity with a custom umbrella from Rush Cannabis Swag? Our custom umbrellas come in a variety of designs and striking colors so that cannabis businesses can leverage their brand name in every environment.

We Offer an Impressive Selection of Customizable Umbrellas

The umbrellas we have on offer meet many needs. Though all are built from quality, long-lasting materials to resist inversion when strong winds are present, they each deliver particular specialized features.
Our personalized patio umbrellas are the perfect choice for businesses with outdoor areas that want to communicate their brand all year round. We deliver patio umbrellas with your customized logo printed boldly on the 60 inch wide canvas for all to see. 
For added utility to generate even more brand exposure, Rush Cannabis Swag offers flashlight umbrellas so that your custom umbrella can safely guide users home.
Other attractive safety features of our weed-themed umbrellas are reflective materials for easy visibility by cars at night, fiberglass ribbing for improved integrity and automatic opening.
With our usual quality printing design, your customized umbrellas will be a source of protection for users for a long time to come.