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Custom Printed Towels - #1 Choice for Your Promotional Products

Promotional products must be useful if they are to achieve the desired effect of spreading a brand’s name. With a towel, utility and use, doesn’t come much clearer; we all need to dry ourselves! Whether that is at the beach, the golf course, while traveling or lying beside the pool, a custom towel is an ever-present feature.
With a custom towel, your marijuana business gets exposure whenever and wherever your towel is used. From the far-flung beach to scenic golf course, sports stadium to hotel pool your brand’s name and logo will be seen far and wide. 

Boost Your Brand Visibility with Personalized Towels

Free towels are welcome gifts for anybody, even though outside of the cannabis community. Towels are used in a larger variety of settings and this is beneficial for the promotion of your cannabis business.

Our Selection of Customizable Towels

Rush Cannabis Swag offers towels to fit a variety of demands. We produce beautifully made golf towels for golf enthusiasts to clean and maintain their golf equipment between the tees. Golf can be a muddy game, so your towels are bound to see good use. 
Similarly, we offer the classic beach towel for lounging on golden sands when on holiday. Who knows, with a beach towel your cannabis business might be promoted by a user on the other side of the world! Our small, lightweight Enduracool towels are also used for travel, providing quick drying abilities ideal for people on the move.
Rally towels are a fantastic way to promote awareness of your marijuana company at the local sports stadium. Fans take the towels to celebrate their team and, with your logo printed boldly on the towel’s surface, your brand as well.
The custom promotional towels that Rush Cannabis Swag offers are 100% cotton for a premium feel and ongoing use. These fully personalized towels with imprinted logo can be designed in either portrait or landscape style for maximum customer choice. 
Weed towels do not come at a more cost-effective price than from Rush Cannabis Swag. For stunning quality and superb brand promotion utility, order a custom promotional towel with your own printed logo from Rush Cannabis Swag today.