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Custom Sunglasses Imprinted with Your Brand Message

Bring a sense of fashion and style to your brand promotion, with custom glasses from Rush Cannabis Swag.
Getting the look right for businesses is a tall order. But with cool, modern eyewear, your cannabis business and brand can attract exactly the crowd you want. Not only are sunglasses a cost-effective way to advertise your cannabis business but they are also one of the most productive ways of doing so. 
This is the case for three main reasons. One is that sunglasses are associated with the beach; fun, relaxing times away from it all. The second reason is that the novelty of customized sunglasses ensures they are a conversation point, with everyone wanting to wear them. And the final reason is that because sunglasses cover a person’s eyes, those speaking to the wearer have no choice but to look directly at them. With your custom printed marijuana sunglasses, your brand will have more exposure than ever before.

We Offer a Great Range of Personalized Sunglasses

Rush Cannabis Swag offers a selection of sunglasses to print onto, each offering a unique feel. Customers can choose from a reflective glaze, which completely covers the wearer’s eyes, or a dark glaze. For further customization and convenience, you can choose to include a sunglass strap.
To heighten the novelty factor, and really leverage brand promotion, we also offer pinhole sunglasses. These pinhole glasses can have your brand or logo printed directly onto the sunglasses’ lenses so your business is front and center at all times.
Our sunglasses custom design is further enhanced by the choice between the classic block sunglasses and the eighty’s favorite aviator style. When it comes to fashion, just one choice won’t do. With each of our weed-themed sunglasses offering UV400 protection, there’s no reason not to wear them!
To get your hands-on high-quality sunglasses, contact Rush Cannabis Swag today. We guarantee custom promotional sunglasses with superb brand printing so that you get noticed by the people you want to reach.