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Custom Outdoor Promotional Products with Your Logo or Brand

Make the great outdoors great again, with marijuana themed outdoor gear for your budding business.
The great outdoors is North America’s favorite pastime. Activities like hiking, walking and playing sports are the fond memories that we all share. And for outdoor activity, outdoor products are always needed. For growing cannabis companies, outdoor accessories with your logo professionally printed onto are among the very best promotional products you can buy. 
Rush Cannabis Swag offers a startling variety of outdoor products to promote your business and to associate your brand with the healthy, friendly outdoor lifestyle that is so central to the cannabis community. We print on and distribute towels and towel sets, many types of umbrellas, cool and cost-effective sunglasses and a selection of accessories for outdoor promotional opportunities.
Our towels, which are ready to be customized with your cannabis branding, are useful for many activities. You can choose from the classic and comfy beach towel for sunbathing and drying of the body, golf towels for cleaning clubs while on the course, or lightweight gym towels ideal for taking to a workout. You can even grab a rally towel and emblazon it with your weed logo so customers can show off while supporting their team.
Promotional weed themed sunglasses from Rush Cannabis Swag guarantee UV400 level protection and can have your logo or branding printed on the sunglasses arms, or in case of the pinhole style, even the lenses themselves! With customizable sunglasses, there’s nowhere your weed business won’t be seen.
Another weapon in our armory of outdoor promotional weed leaf accessories are our fantastic personalized umbrellas. Umbrellas help users stay dry when there is rain or out of the heat when the sun is beating down and is a necessary item for all lovers of the outdoors. With strong metal frames and even flashlights, our selection of promotional umbrellas offers a large canvass for brand exposure.
All of our customizable outdoor accessories are printed upon to extremely high standards and deliver a bold, lasting branded product for all of our customers. With an easy printing and purchase system, there’s no reason not to begin your business promotion with Rush Cannabis Swag.