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Custom Promotional Lanyards for Your Marketing Needs

For a conference, professional event or networking occasion of any kind, custom lanyards with your logo are the perfect way to promote your business and get a head start on the cannabis competition.
The lanyard is a wonderful tool that makes life that little bit easier. The lanyard ensures that any important item - like a set of keys or name badge - is easily accessible and grants your hands the freedom to move without having anything to hold. Simply slung around the neck, the lanyard user can forget about its existence.

Benefits of Customized Lanyards 

For any promotional purposes, the lanyard is fantastic a perfect choice. Lanyards are an evergreen promotional product choice because they are so widely used. Considering the fact that the lanyard, and your logo boldly printed onto it, are constantly within the eyesight of any person the wearer is talking to, and the recipe for cost-effective, promotional return on investment is clear.

We Offer a Great Range of Personalized Lanyards to Choose From

The custom imprint lanyards that Rush Cannabis Swag offers are broken into three distinct categories so that our clients have maximum choice when deciding which custom lanyard is best for them.
The lobster clip lanyard, also known as the lobster clasp, is a common choice for lanyards as they provide easy opening and closing and tight securing of an item attached to the lanyard. Their “pinching” mechanism is where the name derives from as it looks and functions like the claw of a lobster.
Another promotional lanyard choice is the bulldog clip lanyard. This simple lanyard offers extra strong attachment with the bulldog clip which, when the user presses the handles together to open the clip and then releases them once more, functions like the jaw of a bulldog and does not let go. The bulldog clip lanyard is an excellent functional choice. 
The badge holder lanyard is perhaps the simplest of our custom imprint weed lanyards. However, the simplicity of the design belies its incredible efficacy. The badge holder securely holds the badge in place while a see-through plastic front allows others to view the details on the badge held within.
For all cannabis themed promotional lanyards, Rush Cannabis Swag offers the best choice around!