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Custom Bottle Openers - Your Perfect Choice for Practical Promotional Products

Let Rush Cannabis Swag open the possibilities of your cannabis brand marketing with functional promotional bottle openers.
A bottle opener is one of life’s necessities. At any party, concert, event or trade show, a bottle opener is always required. It is a tool used in the most social settings! 

Why Businesses Choice Personalized Bottle Openers for Their Promotional Needs?

Promotional bottle openers are ideally suited as marketing products because of their frequent use in party environments. They are at the center of social interaction; opening a bottle is often a way to break the ice with a new business associate, client or newly introduced acquaintance. This means your customers associate your brand or logo, printed boldly on your personalized bottle opener with good times, positive memories and enjoyment. For marketing purposes, the marijuana branded bottle opener - or beverage wrench as they are also known - is the number one choice.
But the bottle opener isn’t only about fun. It’s also about functionality. Personalized bottle openers from Rush Cannabis Swag are lightweight and easy to carry; simply attach it to the end of your key chain and away you go. The small-sized and practical convenience of bottle openers makes them marketing items users will never throw away.

Why Choose Our Bottle Openers?

Rush Cannabis Swag provides a selection of bottle openers for your marijuana business, event or smoke shop. We have a number of basic wrench-style products for you to choose from, as well as novelty credit card-style openers that fit into pockets, wallets and purses easily. Both of these styles are made from durable metal with laser engraving of your brand or logo.
For those cannabis businesses wanting to leverage more promotional possibilities, we also offer wrench-style openers with wrist coils and even promotional bottle openers that feature a powerful flashlight. For added fun, we also sell surfboard shaped bottle openers, guaranteeing your brand catches a wave of promotional potential. 
For a bottle opener with imprinted logo, choose Rush Cannabis Swag. Our printing guarantees lasting, striking brand promotion that raises awareness of your business or event for continuous growth.
Contact us today to receive your promotional bottle openers quickly!